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Can You Work Out At the Gym Whilst Pregnant?

Many women, as soon as they realize that they are pregnant, stop working out for fear that they may harm the baby. Working out while you are pregnant will not have any adverse effects on you or your baby so long as you are healthy. Of course, you must check with your doctor first – have them do a full exam and then give you a go-ahead. If like me you exercise at Tru Gym, my favourite Plymouth gym, they will always have someone on hand to offer advice too.


Working out while you are pregnant comes with several important benefits:


•    You will be able to stay fit, which is important at this time when you are lugging around extra weight. Exercise helps you stay light on your feet and you feel more energetic.


•    Women who work out when they are pregnant sometimes report that it helps when it comes time to give birth. Exercise keeps your muscles supple which helps them push better when you are in labour.


•    When you work out during pregnancy you will be able to control your weight gain. Weight gain is a part of pregnancy – you eat more because you are supporting a living being inside you. If you don’t want to gain too much extra weight you should join an exercise program for pregnant women.


•    Working out sends more blood to your fetus and keeps it properly nourished.


Exercises for pregnancy are a bit different from exercises when you aren’t pregnant. You may start out with workouts that exert you quite a bit but as you progress towards birth you will need to do only light workouts. There are many exercises that are designed for pregnant women – you can find them online or in books. If any particular exercise makes you uncomfortable or hurts you should stop it right away. Make sure that you eat a healthy diet throughout.